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.: Roofing

Ace Management can beat almost all competitors pricing for roofing! Already have a quote give us a call and we will do our best to beat it! We only use premium materials and underlayments, we do not skimp out where other companies do. (We always use heavy duty 30lb roofing felt most other companies only use 15lb)

We use one of the best roofing crews in Chicago-land!! Not only are they highly skilled, they are extremely efficient. Majority of the time we can get your home’s roof removed and replaced in a day!

Why do we only perform full tear offs? Placing new shingles over old is not necessarily bad but you are only covering up a problem. Not only does this drastically increase the weight on your roof, it hides many issues. The best way to discover if you have water damage or rot is to scrape all old roofing materials off of your home. This clearly exposes any issues and at this point repairs are much easier.

.: Roofing Terms


Roofing Terms

• Rake Edge - The vertical edge of gable style roof planes.

• Gable Roof - Traditional roof style; two peaked roof planes meeting at a ridge line of equal size.

• Drip Edge - An installed lip that keeps shingles up off the deck at edges, and extends shingles out over eaves and gutters, and helps prevents water damage.

• Gable Roof - Traditional roof style; two peaked roof planes meeting at a ridge line of equal size. • Deck - The substrate over which roofing is applied. Usually plywood, wood boards, or planks.

• Felt - Heavy construction paper coated or impregnated with tar.

• Ridge - The horizontal line formed by the juncture of two sloping planes, especially the line formed by the surfaces at the top of a roof.

• Ridge Vent - Hard plastic ridge vent material.

• Valley - Area where two adjoining sloped roof planes intersect on a roof creating a "V" shaped depression.

• Flashing - Materials used to waterproof a roof around any projections.

• Hip - The down-slope ridges on hip roofs.

• Under Eave Vent

• Eave - The roof edge from the fascia to the structure’s outside wall. In general terms, the first three feet across a roof is termed the eave.

• Waterproofing/Underlayment - Asphalt based rolled materials designed to be installed under main roofing material to serve as added protection.


.: Shingle Colors

Three Tab 25 Year warranty Royal Sovereign



Nickel Gray

Silver Lining

Weathered Gray



30 Year Marquis Weather Max shingles

Autumn Brown

Weathered Gray


Timberline HD
Lifetime warranty shingles*
Premium GAF underlayment and accessories required for lifetime warranty. Ask for more details.




Fox Hollow Gray


Hunter Green

Mission Brown

Pewter Gray



Weathered Wood

Williamsburg Slate






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